Dehydrated beef pizzle dog treat

Dehydrated beef pizzle dog treat Hero Dog Treats 32 inches

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HeroDogTreats™ was created as a direct result of overseas treats reportedly causing sickness and even deaths in multiple dogs. After much research, trial and error a superior, yet affordable option was created. And, although HeroDogTreats™ pricing was created with the dogs, their owners, and the retailers in mind the focus is still first and foremost on quality. Hero Dog Treats supports Canadian Service Dogs, military veterans and are partnered with AUDEAMUS, a Registered Charity organization # 76271298RR1. All products are single ingredient, from government-inspected facilities. They have a wide range of products from bully sticks to duck wing to chicken necks. As HeroDogTreats™ grows, it is their long-term goal to provide a safe work environment with professional support where veterans can work amongst peers to help ease the transition. Hero Dog Treats supports Canadian Service Dogs because we understand the power of "man’s best friend" in the healing process.

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