Oil repairing mask

Oil repairing mask Cane+Bliss 75 ML

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Give your hair strength and shine it deserves with the Cane+Bliss Oil Repairing Mask. Made with a special blend of ingredients, including the Jojoba, rich Aloes juice, this unique mask will rehydrate, revitalize, and repair your strands so they stand out with lustrous shine and silky shine and silky smoothness. With continue use, your hair will gain the manageability and elasticity that you have always wanted. Add it to already healthy hair for brighter shine and even stronger strands. The Hair Mask contains concentrated oil, extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant, but it can’t get you buzzed. This potent blend of 30 powerful botanical extracts contains unique nourishment from its plant based proteins, essentials fatty acids, vitamins & antioxidants that can easily be applied to areas that need it the most.

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