Ammo Ballistic Labs 120 Caps

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Ballistic Labs AMMO 10 FAT-METABOLIZING INGREDIENTS TO SUPPORT FAT LOSS AND INCREASED ENERGY DENDROBIUM EXTRACT - To Improve Mental Health and Stacks well with Caffeine for Optimal Weight Loss L-CARNITINE & RASPBERRY KETONES - To Enhance your Mental Focus, while Accelerating your Metabolism and Increasing Body Fat Loss DANDELION (TARAXACUM) Amazing Diuretic for Water Retention and Proper Kidney Health   Increase thermogenesis -your cellular metabolism is fully activated Sky rocket your energy levels and improve your mood, your focus and your power output Enhance exercise performance, which means calories burning as well! delay fatigue, promotes endurance Crush appetite, and cravings, allows you to diet better Help shuttle fatty acids into mitochondria (where fat burning occurs) Supports key neurotransmitter production that promote cognitive well-being Supports a healthy Thyroid, to keep metabolism healthy and in check Supports a drier physique, with expelling subcutaneous water, get a tighter looking physique. Adrenal fatigue fighting nutraceuticals, to help you adapt to stress, reduce stress related conditions

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