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sprouted protein Iron Vegan 1 KG

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Iron Vegan Sprouted Protein Sprouted Grains And Seeds Have Been Shown To Be Higher In Nutrients Like The B-Vitamins, Vitamin C And Essential Amino Acids. Plus There Is Greater Enzyme Activity For Improved Digestibility And Absorption. The Net Result Is Undeniably Better Nutrition. Each Of Our 5 Proteins Have Been Sprouted At Room Temperature For Greater Nutrition & Impact On Your Performance. By Choosing Organic, You Get Far Superior Nutrition And You Protect Yourself From The Pesticides–Herbicides, Insecticides And Fungicides–That Are Used In Conventional Farming. 18G Of Vegan Protein 5 Sprouted Grains And Seeds Certified Organic Non Gmo, Kosher And Gluten Free 100% All Natural Ingredients A Remarkably Smooth And Creamy Taste!

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