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protein stix Iwon Organics 42 G

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Iwon Organics Protein Stixâ  Pure Organic Ingredients: Our Crunchy Protein Stix Are Formulated With Plant-Based Proteins, And Blend The Highest Quality Non-Gmo, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan And Kosher Ingredients. Optimal Nutritional Profile: 10G Protein. 5G Fiber. Only 3G Sugar. Only 180 Calories. All Without Sacrificing The Flavor Or Crunch You Crave. On-The-Go Snacking: A Convenient And Tasty High Protein Snack For Anyone Living An Active Lifestyle. Sustain Your Energy Levels All Day Long As You Work And Play. Something For Everyone: From Fitness Enthusiasts Looking For A Muscle-Building Snack, To Kids And Families Who Know That Nutritious Should Also Mean Delicious. These Stix Are For You. Newly Formulated: A Reinvented Snack Stick For Your Healthy Lifestyle.

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