Fat free probiotic yogurt raspberry and vanilla

Fat free probiotic yogurt raspberry and vanilla Activia 8x100g

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Did you know Activia's exclusive probiotic culture is the secret to its unique taste that so many Canadians enjoy? Discover Activia Fat Free Raspberry/Vanilla 8x100g today!Feel the rhythm and enjoy the lighter side of life with the new Activia Fat Free.Now without artificial sweeteners, Activia Fat Free contains stevia extract, a calorie-free naturally-sourced sweetener, and cane sugar cane. It has 40% less sugar than regular Activia yogurt. You will adore its light and naturally sweet taste!Each serving of Activia Fat Free contains one billion Bifidobacterium lactis bacteria, a probiotic that contributes to healthy intestinal flora.Activia Fat Free is available in four delicious flavours and a wide variety of sizes and packs

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