Carnation Marshmallow Hot Chocolate

Carnation Marshmallow Hot Chocolate

Price $4.99
Format 250 g


The creaminess. The sweetness. Is there any taste more recognizable than hot chocolate with marshmallows? NESTLE Marshmallow CARNATION Hot Chocolate (10 x 25g) serves up that classic taste you crave, topped with mini-marshmallows. Perfect for recipes, or for a relaxing mug on a cold day. *Nielsen Market Track 2016Canada’s #1 hot chocolate brand*Made with pure cocoa and other ingredientsEasily made by mixing with hot water, or mix with steaming hot milk for an extra creamy cupCARNATION is perfect for enjoying fond moments with friends and family at the cottage or on a ski trip as you take a break and sip some delicious hot chocolateCARNATION is your warm hug on a cold day putting a smile on your face even on the chilliest days *Nielsen Market Track 2016

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