Van Houtte Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee Light Roast

Van Houtte Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee Light Roast

Price $9.99
Format 12 ea


This light roast favourite combines the sweet flavour of vanilla with the taste of toasted hazelnuts for an exquisite coffee moment you'll savour all day..Vanilla Hazelnut.Light Roast.Our light roast coffees are smooth and flavourful.VAN HOUTTE.MASTER ROASTER SINCE 1919.In 1919, Albert-Louis Van Houtte opened his first fine grocery store in Montreal where he focused on his true passion: coffee. Ever since, the know-how of this master roaster has continued to shine under the brand that bears his name. With its rich, premium-quality coffee and European single-batch roasting process that draws out all the flavours and aromas of the beans, the Van Houtte brand offers coffee lovers a rich and satisfying experience with every cup.

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