GERBER Organic LIL' CRUNCHIES, Cheddar Broccoli

GERBER Organic LIL' CRUNCHIES, Cheddar Broccoli

Price $3.49
Format 45 g


Treat your little one to a snack that’s both delicious and incredibly wholesome. GERBER Organic LIL’ CRUNCHIES, Cheddar Broccoli (45 g) is a baked legume snack made with the goodness of organic navy beans, no any added sugars, no preservatives, and not artificial colours or flavours. Designed for your little one in mind, GERBER Organic LIL’ CRUNCHIES are tested with a panel of toddlers and experts to ensure they are developmentally appropriate, and liked by tiny taste buds. Each piece dissolves easily and is perfectly sized for little hands.All our recipes are lovingly made using carefully selected, 100% wholesome ingredients before being quality tested to ensure they’re good enough to be called GERBER.Appropriate for toddlers 12 months and up. Available in and Cheddar Broccoli, and White Bean Hummus flavour.Delicious baked legume snack, made with 100% wholesome ingredients carefully selected to meet GERBER’s high quality standardsGERBER Organic LIL’ CRUNCHIES are made with the natural goodness of organic navy beans, with no preservatives, no sugar added, and no artificial colours or flavoursDissolves easily, plus it’s easy to chew, pick-up, and hold for toddlers learning to self-feedGERBER Organic LIL’ CRUNCHIES are made entirely with NON-GMO ingredients*, and are KosherConvenient, re-sealable packaging – great for on-the-go*Not made with genetically engineered ingredients, like all organic products.

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