Shana Whole Wheat Lacha 5 Parathas

Shana Whole Wheat Lacha 5 Parathas

Brand Shana
Price $2.79
Format 400 g


Paratha is an unleavened bread originating in the Northern part of India. Shana Lacha Paratha is a new multilayered variant in our range of Parathas known for their crispy, soft texture and light savoury taste..Shana Lacha Parathas are created using only the finest ingredients. Twirling the dough into circles before it is rolled out gives them their famed flaky and crisp textured layers. Shana Lacha Paratha are great for breakfast or perfect as an accompaniment to all your Indian dishes!Simply Authentic Food.Our Promise.At Shana Foods we believe in quality and are passionate about it. Only the finest and purest ingredients go into the making of Shana products and we do not use colourings, flavourings or preservatives..Shana Parathas also available in.Shana Original Paratha.Shana Wholemeal Chapatti.Shana Plain Naan

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