Diaper Genie System Refill

Diaper Genie System Refill

Brand Playtex
Price $23.99
Format 3 ea


BUILT DURABLE, Diaper Genie branded refills feature 7 layers that work together to lock in diaper odours & messes..Diaper Size Newborn: Estimated diapers per refill: 270.Diaper Size 1: Estimated diapers per refill: 233.Diaper Size 2: Estimated diapers per refill: 192.Diaper Size 3: Estimated diapers per refill: 176.Diaper Size 4: Estimated diapers per refill: 144.Diaper Size 5: Estimated diapers per refill: 107.Each refill holds up to 270 newborn diapers. The chart above will help you determine how many diapers each refill holds based on the size diaper your baby wears..3 refills hold up to 810* total diapers.*Based on newborn-sized diapers..Diaper Genie refills guarantee Odour Lock System performance when used with Diaper Genie pails..The #1 Selling Diaper Pail Brand Deserves the #1 Selling Refill.**.**Nielsen Scan Data.

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