Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza

Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza

Price $5.99
Format 788 g


There’s nothing quite like a classic rising crust pizza topped with your favourite ingredients. DELISSIO Rising Crust Pizza Pepperoni (788 g) tops a high-rising, thick crust with pepperoni and cheese – the most famous toppings of them all! Whether treating yourself or pleasing a crowd, the soft and fluffy crust with a crispy outside makes every night an irresistible pizza night. Made with high quality ingredients, it’s no wonder DELISSIO is the Most Trusted Frozen Pizza Brand in Canada*. It’s easy to cook up a delish pizza that tastes just like delivery. It’s not delivery, It’s DELISSIO! *BrandSpark International inc. 2017/2018A classic, thick crust with a fluffy inside, topped with pepperoni and cheeseMade with only quality ingredients, DELISSIO is the Most Trusted Frozen Pizza Brand in Canada*Quick and easy way to turn any night into a mouth-watering pizza night – perfect for a night in, pleasing the crowd, or a tasty appetizerAdd your favourite ingredients for your own pizza personalizationThe only door you need to open is your oven. It’s not delivery, it’s DELISSIO!*BrandSpark International inc. 2017/2018

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