Hot Sauce, Green Pepper 57 mL Tabasco

Hot Sauce, Green Pepper 57 mL Tabasco

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TABASCO Brand Green Pepper Sauce.It's all about the flavour of jalapeño peppers, yet it's the mildest of the TABASCO family. Rich and tangy, it has a gentler heat that won't blow your away.TABASCO.This is the Genuine Article.Since 1868.TABASCO Brand Pepper Sauce is made the same today as it was by Edmund McIlhenny. The red TABASCO peppers are hand picked peppers, mashed with a small amount of Avery Island salt and aged for up to 3 years..Bold flavour range.Tabasco Green Sauce.Tabasco Garlic Sauce.Tabasco Chipotle Sauce.Original Tabasco Sauce.Tabasco Hanabero Sauce.Milder ? Hotter

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