Organic Buddah Bowl Popcorn

Organic Buddah Bowl Popcorn

Price $4.49
Format 140 g


Be a label reader. Buddha Bowl Popcorn has only 7g of fat and 200 calories per serving!Buddha Bowl Foods.Stuff you like and nothing you don't .Buddha Bowl: The story.An ancient parable says that when the Buddha Bowl broke it become a vehicle to awaken human potential and find one's true self..Today we can help increase our potential by tender organic kernels, lovingly sprinkle raw organic coconut oil and then dust it with Himalayan salt..Popcorn is the snacking world's superfood; a gluten free, whole grain. Pure Coconut oil is well known for its unique combination of fatty acids. And finally, Himalayan Pink Salt, 250 million years old with a rich mineral content that includes over 84 minerals and trace elements.

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