Organic Purée, Apple Kale Fig, Baby Food

Organic Purée, Apple Kale Fig, Baby Food

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Format 128 mL


Introduce your little one to the goodness of fruits and veggies with GERBER Organic Purée, Apple Kale Fig, Baby Food (128 ml). Let’s face it – nothing is ever 100% mess proof. That’s why we’ve put our proprietary Smart Flow spout on all our GERBER Organic pouches. The Smart Flow spout helps get more food on that little spoon and less everywhere else, so mealtime should become a more nutritious, less messy experience. It also gives toddlers big control when they’re learning to self-feed*. Less mess and more nutrition? That’s a win for everyone. Plus, all our pouches are now in transparent packaging, so you can see the nutrition inside.All of our recipes are lovingly made using carefully selected ingredients, with over 100 GERBER quality checks, guaranteeing that they’ll be loved by tiny taste buds. Try all 15 yummy new flavours of GERBER Organic Purées: Apple Summer Peach, Apple Blueberry Spinach, Apple Kale Fig, Banana Beet Pomegranate, Pear Banana Blueberry Raspberry, Apple, Banana Mango, Pear Banana Blueberry, Banana Apple Raspberry, Banana Squash, Pear Peach Strawberry, Mango Apple Carrot Kale, Pear Peach Pumpkin Fig, Mango Apple Pear, and Pumpkin Banana Carrot. Appropriate for babies 6 months and up. Perfect for introducing babies to the goodness of fruits and veggies, GERBER Organic Purée, Apple Kale Fig is made with 2/3 apple, 1 tbsp. kale, and ¼ fig Features our new Smart Flow spout, which helps create less mess, and more nutrition GERBER Organic Purées, Apple Kale Fig has no sugar or salt added GERBER Organic Purée are non-GMO** Re-sealable easy-to-use pouch makes it convenient to bring GERBER Organic Purées on-the-go*For younger babies (6+ months), squeeze puree directly onto a spoon. Toddlers (12+ months) may consume the puree directly from the pouch.**Not made with genetically engineered ingredients, like all organic products.

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