Home Insect Killer

Home Insect Killer

Brand Raid
Price $8.49
Format 1 ea


DEFENCE SYSTEM.HELPS YOU WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER, TO FIGHT BUGS..KILLS.- Flies.- Mosquitoes.- Fleas.- Flying moths.- Gnats.- Spiders.- Bed Bugs.- Sowbugs.- Carpet Beetles.- Centipedes.- Ants.- Silverfish.- Wasps.Insects must be hit by spray to be killed.Visit to identify your bug and best treatment plan..USE OTHER RAID PRODUCTS TO:.KILL BUGS AT SOURCE.CONTROL.For ant problems, use a RAID Ant Bait product to kill ants where they breed. For spider problems, use RAID Spider Blaster to kill spiders in the nest on contact. For wasp problems, use RAID MAX Wasp & Hornet Foam Bug Killer 2 outdoors to kill wasps and their entire nests on contact..Outdoor fresh scent..For best results against specific insect infestations, use Raid Crawling Insect system or Raid Flying Insect system.

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