Pro-Health Stages Tooth Paste, Bubble Gum Finding Dora

Pro-Health Stages Tooth Paste, Bubble Gum Finding Dora

Price $2.89
Format 100 mL


The Crest Pro-Health Stages toothpaste featuring Disney's Finding Dory characters is the perfect kids toothpaste for your own little explorers. Not only will the bubblegum flavour make kids look forward to brushing, but the toothpaste will take care of their teeth and help protect against cavities. Crest + Oral-B Stages helps kids brush their best with products designed to support healthy oral hygiene. So get Crest + Oral-B Stages to help your little ones practice proper oral care habits that will last them a lifetime.Features & BenefitsKids will want to just keep brushing, just keep brushing, just keep brushing with the fun bubblegum flavour.,Effective cavity protection in a kid-tested mild gel formula,Children's toothpaste for children and toddlers ages 2+.,Gentle on tooth enamel,Easy-to-squeeze stand up tube means less mess at the bathroom sink

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