Original Meal Replacement Drink - Variety Pack (Case)

Original Meal Replacement Drink - Variety Pack (Case) Boost 6x237mL

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BOOST Original Meal Replacement Drink - Variety pack is a convenient and delicious way to help satisfy your hunger or serve as a meal replacement. With 26 essential vitamins and minerals in every 237 ml bottle, as well as 10g of protein, this BOOST Original shake is complete balanced nutrition that fits perfectly with your active lifestyle. Plus, our new recipe has our guaranteed great taste with 40% less sugar*!New 40% less sugar recipe*, with naturally sourced sweeteners and no artificial flavour or colourNutritionally complete and balanced meal replacement drink10g protein per 237 ml to help build muscle26 essential vitamins and minerals including Calcium and Vitamin DCan be easily added to you protein shake or smoothiesDelicious protein shake, with guaranteed great taste or your money back***Per 237ml, compared to previous formula**Terms and conditions apply. For more information: https://www.madewithnestle.ca/boost/tasteguarantee

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