Organic Medium Roast Three Sisters

Organic Medium Roast Three Sisters

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Format 284 g


Organic shade grown.This organic Arabica coffee is grown in the shade or rainforest canopy; conditions which offer superior quality and maintain a natural, healthy and balanced ecosystem for birds and plants..Ground.No grinder? No time? No problem! That's where we come in - we've taken care of the daily grind for you. Now there's one more way to enjoy our famous Kick Ass, Organic, Fairtrade, Rocky Mountain-roasted coffee. Ground fresh, meticulously packaged and one step closer to the cup!The legend.In 1858, an expedition journeyed through the Rocky Mountains towards the Kicking Horse Valley. During a river crossing, a pack horses kicked James Hector so hard that others mistook him for dead. As they began to bury poor old James, they noticed his eye twitch. Legend says it was a stiff cup of Kick Ass Coffee that brought him back to life!

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