Tomato Juice

Tomato Juice

Price $2.47
Format 1.36 L


Heinz Tomato Juice is Canada’s Favourite Tomato Juice, made from 100% fresh Canadian tomatoes, never from concentrate, and has no additives. One 250 mL cup of Heinz Tomato Juice contains 2 full servings of vegetables and 25 mg of lycopene. What a tasty way to get great nutrition! Proudly made in Canada. One 1.36L can of Heinz Tomato JuiceCanada’s Favourite Tomato JuiceHeinz Tomato Juice is made with quality ripe tomatoes, picked from field and packed within hoursMade in Canada with fresh 100% locally grown Tomatoes and no additivesVarious usage occasions: as an ingredient, as a mixer or as a tasty drink on its own

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