Mint & Chlorophyll Kombucha

Mint & Chlorophyll Kombucha

Brand Rise Kombucha
Price $3.99


A drink that tastes as awesome as it makes you feel.It won't erase last night's mistakes (especially that 3 am text message), but our full-flavoured peppermint and chlorophyll kombucha detoxifies your insides for a fresh start. So feel the fizz. It's bubbly, it's awesome, it's actually perfectly off..When does it go down best?.Up too early.Ate too much.Out too lateGrowing Together.What if working was playing?.What if building came from dreaming?.And what would happen if our decisions came from a desire for meaningful connections?.Well, that's how Rise happened!.And all we wish is for you to make it happen!.Because we are growing together!

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