Chocolatey bars 4 ct, 58 g Oh Henry!

Chocolatey bars 4 ct, 58 g Oh Henry!

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OH HENRY! candy bar is made with big crunchy peanuts, creamy caramel, chewy fudge, covered with a chocolaty coating. Its delicious combination of ingredients feeds all your senses and satisfies your appetite to help re-energize you and keep you going. Keep this pack close for snacking, sharing or gifting. One bag of 4 * 58g OH HENRY! Chocolatey Full Size Candy Bars. Crunchy peanuts, chewy fudge, creamy caramel, covered in a chocolatey coating. OH HUNGRY? OH HENRY! Feed your hunger with the delicious taste and chewy and crunchy textures. All bars are individually wrapped for convenience and freshness. Perfect for sharing- stock up now!

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