White beauty bar 3 units Dove

White beauty bar 3 units Dove

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Bring a new level of moisturization that’s longer-lasting and more natural with Dove White Beauty Bar. Enjoy soft, smooth, and healthy-looking skin with the gentle cleansing formula enriched with our signature ¼ moisturizing cream. The mild cleansers inside our beauty bar help your skin to retain its natural moisture to provide lasting care for the skin you live in. While a regular soap bar might leave your skin feeling dry and tight, this Dove face soap and body soap can help you to replenish nutrients that are lost during the cleansing process before you’ve even stepped out of the shower. It’s not a regular soap bar – it’s a beauty bar. Dermatologist tested and suitable for daily use, this bar soap can be used on your body and hands, and is great as a gentle face cleanser. And don't worry, we are making sure that your skincare does not come at the cost of other living beings. That is why we put effort to earn the PETA's Cruelty-Free badge. For best results, lather up your Dove bar soap and massage the smooth, creamy lather over your face and body before rinsing thoroughly. For soft, smooth hands, you can also enjoy regular hand-washing throughout the day with your Dove hypoallergenic soap. At Dove, our vision is of a world where beauty is a source of confidence, and not anxiety. So, we are on a mission to help the next generation of women develop a positive relationship with the way they look, helping them raise their self-esteem and realize their full potential.

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