Vitamins & Supplements

Emergen-C® Pink Lemonade 1000mg Vitamin C / Electrolytes / B Vitamins Mineral Supplement Powder
Florastor kids daily probiotic tutti-fruitti flavor
Culturelle daily probiotic digestive health
Align probiotic digestive support chewable tablets
Atoma women's probiotic with 250mg cranberry 10 strains
Koena probiotic 30 billion
Esenvia legs

Body lotion & soaps

Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly 375g
Original anti bacteria
Body lotion - rose
Body lotion - lemongrass
Body lotion - vanilla
Body lotion - pineapple
Body lotion - lavender
Body lotion - lily of the valley

Dips & Spreads

Kraft Smooth Peanut Butter
Strawberry jam
Blackcurrant jam
Raspberry jam
Aronia with acerola juice jam
Multifruit marmolade with rose jam
Strawberry 100% fruit spread
Pistachio butter

Cold, Flu & Allergies

Neocitran cold & congestion extra strength lemon
Neocitran cold & sinus extra strength lemon
Claritin allergy & sinus
Benadryl childrens allergy liquid
Rhinaris gentle saline daily hygiene solution
Otrivin natural nasal & sinus cleansing moderate stream
Otrivin baby care nasal cleansing
Salinex saline solution

Pain Relief & Anti-Inflammatories

Arthritis Pain
Arthritis Pain, EZ Open
MOTRIN 400 mg Tablets, Super Strength, 16/Pack
Advil Tb
Advil caplets
Motrin childrens fever & pain relief fruit
Advil tablets
Tylenol body pain night extra strength


Solid shampoo bar
Solid shampoo bar - pineapple
Solid shampoo bar - green apple
Solid shampoo bar - sandalwood
Solid shampoo bar - mango
Solid conditioner bar
Solid conditioner bar - pineapple
Solid conditioner bar - mango


Tide Simply Clean & Fresh Daybreak High Efficiency Liquid Laundry Detergent
Fleecy Fresh Air Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets
Sunlight Triple Clean Lemon Fresh Laundry Detergent
Stain stick - zero waste
Tide original
Downy ultra cashmere glow
Fleecy fresh air
Gain fabric softener

Stomach & Saline Solutions

Gastrolyte oral rehydration solution
Gravol kids 25mg suppositories
Hydralyte electrolyte drink
Pedialyte unflavoured
Pediatric electrolyte cherry
Gravol ginger chewable lozenges
Imodium quick dissolve tablets
Anusol multi-symptom hemorrhoidal suppositories