We are in the process of integrating with Uber

If your application is accepted, someone from the Uber sales team will contact you in early 2024 to present you with new opportunities to grow your store on the app

Cornershop for Stores

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Stores logos. G&L Import Export Corporation, The Central Square Supermarket, and more.

Thousands of stores trust Cornershop

From the neighbourhood flower shop to the local hardware store, all stores are welcome to apply and establish a reliable business using Cornershop by Uber.

Publish once, start selling everywhere

Once your Store is approved, you’ll be able to sell through both the Cornershop mobile and web apps and the Grocery section of the Uber/Uber Eats mobile and web apps—at no additional cost.

We’re here to help

All week, all day. Store support agents are always a few clicks away to help with anything you might need.

You only pay when people purchase

No monthly fees or registration cost. Just pay a 15% commission on each order.

All Cornershop friends are Uber friends, too

Register your Store with Cornershop and reach a wider audience through two of the most popular apps in the world—at no additional cost.

Frequently asked

Cornershop is a platform that allows you to get your products to homes in your area in as little as 60 minutes, with no investment required.

1. Customers choose products from your store on Cornershop.

2. We notify you when there’s a new order.

3. A Shopper goes to your store and fulfills the order.

4. Every week you receive the money for your orders.

1. You will be providing your customers with a unique and personalized service when they need it.

2. We will give you the tools to manage your products and branches, and help you sell more.

3. You will be able to see what your most requested products are as well as the ones that your customers are not finding in store.

1. Have your own store that Shoppers can go to. This excludes showrooms, pick-up points, points of sale in a different store and warehouses.

2. Commit to keeping the store's catalog up to date with the right photos and prices, as well as monitoring product availability so that the weekly found-rate (percentage of products found with respect to orders) can be kept above 85%.

3. Offer the products you sell on Cornershop at in-store prices.

4. Have a bank account in either the name of the company or a legal representative.

5. Be willing to deliver the best quality service to customers.

1. Quick: You can sign up in just minutes, with no long-term contracts or forced commitments. Fill in your information, tell us about your business, and why you want to be on Cornershop.

2. We will review your application and the information you sent us. We want to make sure that Cornershop delivers the service your business needs.

3. Once your application is approved, you will receive a link to set up your store, branches, products, customize your brand and access management tools.

4. Request to have your store published. If it has been set up correctly, you will be notified that it is now visible in the app. Customers will then be able to start ordering your products.

Signing up and publishing your store on Cornershop is free. The only charge is the 15% for each order placed. Once you have set up your store, branches, and catalog, you’ll be able to request to have it published. Once we have checked that it meets all our requirements, you’ll start receiving orders.

When a customer places an order, a Shopper is assigned to pick the products.

A notification is then sent to your store's contact email along with the order ID number and the name and photo of the assigned Shopper.

They will arrive at your store and will be responsible for picking the requested products and taking them to the customer's address

The invoice for our services is issued every Monday. On Wednesdays, you will receive your total sales in the bank account(s) that you provided when setting up your store. The total amount of the deposit will be equal to the total of the sales made in your store(s) through Cornershop minus our commission.

Each branch has a defined operating area within the city based on its location with a 6km radius.