Truffles slicer - wood steel

Truffles slicer - wood steel 1 pc

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ADJUSTABLE RAZOR SHARP BLADE. Features an adjustable blade so you can control the thickness. The razor sharp serrated blade adjusts from paper-thin to .13 inches. Arvind Group 1721000 Affetta Tartufi Truffle Slicer, One Size Brown with Silver About the product PROFESSIONAL SHAVE, SLICE, & GLIDE YOUR TRUFFLES TO PERFECTION - Comes with thick, razor sharp blade to mightily cut to perfection every truffle. ADJUST YOUR WAY TO PRECISION - Our slicer come with easily adjustable blades, so feather-lite or thick juicy shavings, are yours to choose from with just the twist of a screw. ALSO SHAVES CHOCOLATE, SLICES CHEESE, TRIMS GARLIC, MUSHROOMS & VEGGIES Bottarga ! Our slicer is multi-functional with a comfortable handle. DISHWASHER SAFE makes it very easy to clean.

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