Ars italica sevruga royal caviar

Ars italica sevruga royal caviar 1.76 oz

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Sevruga caviar comes from the Starry Sturgeon, a small slzed species which rarely exceeds 25kg (55 lbs). It can be found in the Vlack sea, the Caspian sea, the Azov Sea and in the respective tributaries,and it's also in the Aegean Sea and eastern lonlan Sea. it's a full - bodled caviar with a fresh sllky taste (yolk),and a slightly aromatic sea note at the end. It is characterized by medium eggs (2.3mm / 2.6mm) with a color that varies from light to anthracite grey. It requires minimum 9-12 years of the sturgeon life cycle and is extremely delicate to breed. Shelf life: 90 days, unopened, from ship date

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