Bottarga di muggine - "dried mullet roe " from sardinia

Bottarga di muggine - "dried mullet roe " from sardinia 3.2 oz

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Shop Bottarga " Dried Mullet Roe" from Italy. Bottarga from Sardinia is considered the best in the world this dried Mullet Roe, is still salted by hand and checked day after day, until the Mediterranean salty breezes blowing in through our aging cellars do their job – creating one of the tenderest and mildest Bottargas you will ever taste. The mullet roe bottarga from Sarda Affumicati is a delicious Sardinian product known throughout the world. The mullet bottarga, also known as "Sardinian caviar", originates from the processing of mullet eggs, which are salted and dried using natural ventilation. The whole mullet roe of Sarda Affumicati is packaged in vacuum-packed bags with a weight ranging from 70 to 110 grams. The whole product can be consumed in small slices in rich and delicious appetizers. Ideal for the most refined tables of the Sardinian tradition. Serving suggestions: slice thinly and dress with extra-virgin olive oil, or serve with a few sprigs of rocket and sliced artichokes. Grated and sprinkled over a piping hot dish of bite-hard spaghetti, dressed with extra-virgin olive oil, flamed in the pan with a clove of garlic. Ingredients: dried mullet roe, salt. Vacuum packed without colorings or preservatives.

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