Grated bottarga di muggine (dried mullet roe)

Grated bottarga di muggine (dried mullet roe) 3.53 oz

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Find high quality, authentic grated Bottarga Di Muggine from Sardinia.We import our Bottarga from Sarda Affumicati, one of the most respected purveyors of this Italian delicacy. It's one of the greatest Sardinian products of the Italian culinary tradition. Because bottarga has a distinctive flavor, it's intense, salty, and very similar to caviar Bottarga has a distinctive flavor. It is intense, salty, a little briny, a little bitter is very popular with long-stranded pasta like spaghetti. The most common being Spaghetti Con La Bottarga, the tender bits of roe cling to the pasta and add tiny explosions of a salty, fishy taste. This grated version of bottarga adds a punch to salads, pasta, and many other dishes and is a must in any chef's pantry Bottarga has high protein content and is very rich in Omega 3 fatty acid; it is amber in color and has a decided yet delicate flavor. We guarantee this product have been successfully certified by the International Food Standard (IFS), created by the Italian, German and French large retailers operators, that has become, over time, an international standard for the control of the distributors’, retailers’ and wholesalers’ private label food products. This standard, which has been embraced by the main Italian trade associations, is employed throughout all the food raw materials (fishing, agriculture and farming) production and processing stages.

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