Legendary foods nut butter

Legendary foods nut butter 16 OZ

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SATISFY KETO CRAVINGS | Non-GMO almonds and pecans are packed with dense nutrients, healthy fats and protein … the perfect Keto snack! Especially when used as a base for your Keto Fat Bombs LOW IN CARBS | Just 2 grams of net carbohydrates per serving, our nut butters are the ultimate low-carb snack NO SUGAR ADDED | We create just the right amount of sweetness using natural flavors and ingredients SINFULLY DELICIOUS FLAVORS | A delicious blend of creamy almond butter and chunks of pecans, swirled with just the right touch of natural praline flavors WE LOVE VEGANS | Knowing that mindful eating is at the top of your list, your nutrition from plant-based products is at the top of ours. Almonds and cashews are great sources of vegan friendly protein - now you know where to get your protein

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