Perfect Portions Paté Beef Entrée

Perfect Portions Paté Beef Entrée

Price $1.19
Format 1 ea


Always fresh*. No mess. No leftovers.As the makers of WHISKAS we love cats for their independent spirits but understand they still need love and care. After the first serving, wet food is not always fresh for your cat – and some cats find refrigerated leftovers less appetizing. Plus, leftover wet food can be a messy hassle for you. That’s why we created a single serve meal for cats. With the single serve pack format, it’s a fresh meal for your cat every time with no messy serving and no leftovers*. The perfect meal for your perfect companion. It has an appealing paté texture and is available in real flavours like Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Salmon, Whitefish & Tuna, Seafood, Chicken & Liver, and Chicken & Tuna. WHISKAS PERFECT PORTIONS is a revolution in wet cat food.NURTURE THEIR NATURE*Freshly opened individual portion.Available in 2 x 37.5g packs (two servings per pack).

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