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Frequently asked questions

  • What are incentives and how do they work?

    Incentives are opportunities to boost your earnings when your orders meet specific criteria. As a Shopper, there are several types of incentives you can earn. To see the incentives that are available to you, go to the 'Incentives' tab of your Shopper Center. Some incentives will also be emailed to you.

  • Where and when should I connect to the app?

    You can connect to the app in the same city you registered in. If you need to change your location, you can request to do so as long as you meet certain requirements. Please note that orders are assigned by distance, so if you log on near a store, you'll have a better chance of receiving orders. New stores are also constantly being added to the app.

  • What are referral rewards and how do they work?

    You can view details about the Shopper referral program in the 'Referrals' tab of your Shopper Center. You will see a link to invite your friends or family to create a Shopper account, as well as details about the referral reward you can earn. Each referral will have to complete a certain number of orders in order for you to earn your reward. You must be an active Shopper to receive this perk.

  • Can I accept tips?

    Yes. Customers are able to tip Shoppers through the app before placing an order and up to six hours after the order is delivered. Shoppers receive 100% of the tips customers leave. You will be able to view these tips in the 'Earnings' tab of your Shopper Center several hours after the order is completed. Some customers may also choose to tip in cash. Shoppers can accept any tips given.

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